It would appear that all my posts are now stuck in the Pending phase

Yeah, like the title says, any time I respond to a topic anymore, my posts stay stuck in the pending phase, no matter the context of my post, even when I’m posting very innocent things including defending the author of an article like this response from a few days back in regard to someone ranting about how everyone posting about the Cybertruck here seems to hate it despite how much they post about it:

Certainly doesn’t read like the writer doesn’t like it. In fact, for all the jokes being thrown around about it online, it does seem that overwhelmingly people are into it, even though it is incredibly odd.”


Can someone explain why that post is still stuck in the pending phase? I get that I’m not always supporting the author’s point of view, but I’m also not hating on anyone either.

I can trace back when I last had a post go public, and it was immediate when it did, it was from a Death Stranding article earlier this month (on the 8th) where Heather Alexandra posited that you should rush to chapter 3 of the game to really start having fun. I posted and immediately saw it go public, the following:


“I sure love playing video games where in order to have fun, I have to get through a bunch of boring gameplay first. Seems like a very smart way to make a video game.”

She immediately responded with:

“This is such a monumentally poor take when the message is “don’t get bogged down by side-quests.””


To which I responded:

“Ah my bad, in order to enjoy the game, don’t take part of the side quests, and skip through the first 2 chapters as quick as possible. Truly this is smart game design.”


That post however remains pending. And every post since has remained pending (I’ve made many posts since and they would typically go public within this time prior to this, but not so now). I believe at this point that Heather Alexandra flagged my account because I challenged her views on Death Stranding based on the very things she was presenting. And instead of engaging in a discourse about what she was saying, she just found it easier to silence me.

I would love to be wrong on this subject, but it sure doesn’t appear to be this way. Is this site just a super safe space where authors can’t be challenged in their views? If so, that’s pretty pitiful, these kinja sites have taken a hit in terms of reputation in recent years, and moves like what I believe I’m seeing here only reinforce these views. Very disappointed if this is indeed the case.


Of course, I’ll never know for sure, this post alone may go pending indefinitely, or maybe I’ll get unflagged and they’ll just say, ‘you were never flagged’.  But regardless of the outcome, my gut tells me that not everything here is on the up and up, and it sucks that this issue too will likely get swept under the rug.

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